A Guide To Getting The Botox You Want  

A Guide To Getting The Botox You Want  

Botox injections are injected into the muscles to reduce muscle spasticity. The results usually begin to show up one to three days after treatment. They can last for up to three months. Because the effects of botox can diminish over time, it is important to have follow-up treatments to keep the effects consistent. If you want to get the best botox in Dubai, it’s important to understand all the risks involved. The following guide will be helpful for you when you are looking for botox.

Side effects:

Botox can cause a few side effects but are usually minimal and short-lived. The most common of these are swelling, bruising, and dryness. Less common side effects include headache, flu-like symptoms, and drooping eyelids. It is important to follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions to avoid bruising. Talk to your doctor immediately if you experience any of these side effects.


If you are interested in getting botox injections for crow’s feet, frown lines, or other facial wrinkles, you’ll want to consult a doctor to ensure the best results. During your consultation, your doctor will assess your current health and tell you whether the procedure is appropriate. Before your doctor starts the procedure, tell your doctor about any allergies or conditions you may have. Also, let them know if you take any medication, such as blood thinners. You may want to stop taking these medications several days before the injection to minimize bleeding and pain.


While it is possible to find a lower-cost clinic, larger cities will charge more. Botox can cost between DH 20 and DH 25 per unit, depending on the area of the face that needs treatment. However, smaller cities will cost significantly less. A good way to figure out the cost of botox injections is to multiply the number of areas treated by the unit cost. For example, twenty units of botox would be required to treat wrinkles on the forehead, while five or six units would be needed to treat crow’s feet.

Before and after:

Before you get botox injections, you should take a few precautions. First, before the procedure, you should avoid using blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin. Blood-thinning medications can increase the risk of bruising. Also, you should avoid alcohol and smoking before the procedure. These activities may make you dizzy or even faint.