A Guide To Tailoring Profession

A Guide To Tailoring Profession

Tailoring is the process of adjusting the shape of a garment. This can be done by taking the garment in or out, which tightens it around the waist or chest area. It can also be done by shortening or lengthening a shirt or pants. A seam between the crotch and the waist is called an inseam. The rise is the length from the waist to the crotch. Other things a tailor does is add darts to improve the shape of a garment and eliminate any bagginess. In addition, they may also use a taper, which narrows the sleeves or legs of a garment. Read this article to get detailed information about tailoring jobs. 

Job duties:

Tailors in Dubai provide customized service to their customers by constructing, altering and sewing new clothing to fit their clients’ bodies. Most tailors work in small shops, but some may also offer home services. Tailors measure their clients’ bodies, cut out the fabric, and sew the garment to their client’s specifications. Tailors also help customers choose fabrics and schedule fittings to ensure the fit is perfect.

Job duties of a tailor may include assisting guests, ensuring the fabric quality is of high quality and sewing on time. Tailors must also follow hotel policies and clean their sewing areas. Candidates should have good tailoring skills and previous experience to secure a position. A typical tailor’s salary is around DH 16,479 per month. The amount of salary depends on experience and organization. Some employers offer benefits such as paid holidays and vacation.

Education required:

Education required for tailors is a must for anyone who wants to be in the clothing industry. Many people who want to work as tailors do not necessarily need an advanced degree, but taking classes in business and finance may be beneficial. Many community colleges offer business courses, and tailors can look into taking these classes to get a better understanding of how to market themselves and run their businesses.


A tailor’s salary varies depending on their experience, skills, and education. Some tailors are full-time and work weekends, while others choose to work for themselves and manage their businesses. High school education is necessary for this career path. On-the-job training can be obtained at garment factories and clothing department stores. The ability to sew accurately and creatively is vital to the salary of a tailor in Dubai.