Construction Lights & What You Should Consider When Buying Them  

Construction Lights & What You Should Consider When Buying Them

Construction lighting plays an important role in the workplace. These lights are specially designed for construction projects. However, when considering construction light rental, be sure lighting is durable and rugged. It should be waterproof, vapor-tight, shatterproof, and dust-resistant. It should also have caged designs and strong metal or reinforced plastic materials. Here are some key considerations to pay attention to before you purchase construction lights.

Lumen output:

When choosing lights for a construction site, the lumen output is important. While the light output of construction lights is fixed over their useful life, there are certain factors to consider to ensure that the lights are effective. The lumen output of construction lights depends on their wattage and the area they will illuminate.

Lumens are a new unit of measurement for lights. They represent the total amount of visible light and are commonly referred to as luminous flux by commercial lighting engineers. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will appear. This differs from conventional bulbs’ power consumption, rated at around 50W or 60W. The power consumption of a light bulb is also not directly proportional to its light output.


One of the most important things to consider when installing a construction light is the distance to the focal point. A good guideline for spacing between lights is to divide the total length of a row by the number of lights. Another good rule of thumb is to ensure that the focal point is not located near a wall.

Energy efficiency:

Energy-efficient construction lights can help reduce costs and save energy in construction projects. This type of lighting is more effective during construction and is easier to implement. With proper planning, it is easier to implement energy-saving lighting measures. One option is to use intelligent lighting systems. These lighting systems utilize power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. PoE lighting allows devices to be powered, connected, and controlled using an ethernet cable. It also includes energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Depending on the project type, there are various lighting options. The type of light you choose will affect the cost. For example, LED strobe lights are a good choice if you want to fill a work area with light. On the other hand, LED bar lights will be a bit more expensive but provide similar illumination levels. In addition, you can upgrade the lights later on.