What Does A Dental Surgeon Do?

What Does A Dental Surgeon Do?

A maxillofacial surgeon Dubai is a professional that performs dental procedures. The education to become a dental surgeon is four years. Most dental surgeons major in science and take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). Some pursue medical degrees or do a surgical residency. The Dental Association accredits dental residency programs.

They perform a root canal and tooth extraction:

A dental surgeon performs various procedures that can improve a person’s oral health. Some common procedures include root canals and tooth extraction. These surgeries repair damage caused by dental trauma or severe tooth decay. They can also be done to make room for prosthetic devices. While most dentists prefer to save natural teeth, they may still recommend tooth extraction to benefit a patient’s oral health. Some dentists also recommend wisdom tooth extraction as a preventative measure.

They can replace the pulp with a resorbable material:

A dental surgeon can perform procedures on primary teeth and replace the pulp with a resorbable material. This surgery is usually performed on molars with irreversible pulpitis, abscesses, or radiographic proof of furcation pathology. 


Another common procedure is an apicoectomy when a full root canal surgery is not enough to relieve the pain. A dental surgeon can perform other procedures, including root-end resection, which involves entering through the gums and surgically removing diseased material from the tooth’s root.

Implant placement:

An oral surgeon performs complex dental procedures like root canals and tooth extractions. These procedures aim to preserve the natural tooth structure while removing the problematic tooth. Wisdom teeth are also often extracted. They may become impacted, resulting in discomfort and infection. Another procedure performed by an oral surgeon is implant placement. While other dentists can place dental implants, a dental surgeon has more training and education to complete the procedure safely.

Before the procedure, the dental professional will discuss the details of the procedure and what to expect. For example, a patient may be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for 12 hours, which is important for recovery. A sedative and pain medication may also be administered for the patient’s comfort. These are some of the common dental procedures performed by a dental surgeon.