What Is SAP Success Factor?

What Is SAP Success Factor?

SAP Success Factors is a cloud-based HR solution that helps manage and improve all the aspects of human resources. It is used by a large number of companies to achieve their HR goals.

Success Factors is designed to meet the specific HR requirements of firms in more than 60 industries. The product includes a wide range of talent tools. These include performance management, learning management, compensation, workforce planning, and onboarding. All these features help improve the efficiency of HR processes.

Success Factors has the ability to manage the entire employee life cycle. This includes onboarding, performance management, and talent assessment. With this solution, you can streamline your daily activities and increase employee engagement. Additionally, it can be easily integrated with other SAP solutions.

Another feature of SAP Success Factors is its ability to provide a single source of people information. In addition, it can be used to drive compliance activities. Therefore, it is perfect for organizations that want to reduce risk and comply with regulations.

The software also provides a variety of training tools. This includes best practice interview preparation techniques and videos. You can also use the tools to track courses and assign tasks to staff members. As a result, it is easy to monitor employees’ progress.

Moreover, SAP Success Factors is ideal for larger, complex, global workforces. Among other benefits, it allows managers to identify the most qualified personnel. Also, it has the capability to integrate with accounting, finance, and sales. Besides, it can be used on mobile devices.

The platform’s design is based on the SaaS model, which means that it is maintenance-free and installation-free. Furthermore, it has a responsive interface that resembles modern apps. That way, users can get familiar with the system and motivate new hires.

As it is a full-suite HRIS (Human Resource Information System), it enables companies to easily integrate their HR functions in the cloud environment. It also enables a streamlined compliance management process. Moreover, it offers better data security.

To ensure that employees are working on relevant tasks, SAP Success Factors can be used to create a pay-for-performance culture. For this purpose, the program stores and analyzes employees’ performance reviews centrally. It can also be used to store agreements based on appraisal interviews. Finally, it can be integrated with on-premise and cloud applications.