Why are cakes a must in weddings?

Why are cakes a must in weddings?

A wedding cake is the cake that is served in many weddings throughout the world. The cake in weddings is known as a symbol of sweetness and commitment between the marrying couple. In some parts of England, the cake is served as a breakfast and commonly in many other countries it is served in wedding receptions.

In the past, wedding cakes were used as a symbol of good luck for the guests. But with advancements, it is now served as a centerpiece and it is almost always served to the guests. Cakes sometimes can be of single tier and sometimes double or triple tiers and these tiers can be supported with the help of artificial pillars.

Specialties of cakes

Cakes be it wedding cakes, birthday cakes or any other come in different sizes and flavours. Their ingredients, sizes and the type of pastry chef describe their prices. Commonly preferred ingredients of cakes are buttercream, marzipan, fondant, gum paste and chocolate.

Types of cakes

Cakes are usually priced on the basis of per person or per slice. The common flavours of cakes are black forest cake, red velvet cake, pineapple cake, fruit cake, plain cake that is usually served with tea, mocha jawa cake, almond cake, pink champagne cake, luscious lemon cake, grand marnier cake, hazelnut almond, ginger spice, coffee and cream cake, death by chocolate cake, caramelized vanilla cake and a lot more.

Some people prefer different types of cakes at a wedding and some like the same type of cakes in the wedding. Like in Italy, different types of cakes were served at weddings and in Korea it was a tradition that rice cake should be served at weddings and it should be topped with red bean powder but now the same country prefers fresh fruit cake or a sponge cake.

Decorations of cakes

The cakes that have tiers are separated using flowers, jewels, shells or chrome stands to it make the cake look even more aesthetically appealing.

The frosting of cake can be chips, swirls or drizzles. The toppers of wedding cakes are usually preferred to be features that represent the bride and bride groom. It is also said in some parts of the world that the more tall the cake is, the more it will be good for the prosperity of the couple.

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